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Sarah Scott-Buccleuch

Sarah Scott-Buccleuch’s passion for yoga has brought her to seek out the heart of yoga and its ancient wisdom while embodying a holistic approach to yoga that is about living our true essence. The healing benefits of yoga helped Sarah to become a healthier person and inspired her to teach and share its lessons with others.

Sarah’s vibrant personality and love of art, music, and life create classes that flow with imagery, learning, and humor. She combines intelligent instruction with imagination to inform and inspire students. Sarah is passionate about health as the union of body, mind and spirit. As an experienced yoga teacher, she focuses on the spiritual, mental, and physical dimensions of yoga and she illustrates lessons with creative examples of everyday life.

As a certified and fully trained yoga instructor, Sarah’s approach to yoga is a light-Tibetan Buddism  yoga as a way of life and wellness through mediation. Trained by the very best and renowned instructors she is highly educated and ready to deliver an unforgettable experience.