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Ionic Footbaths – The Healing Power of Ions

Ionic Footbaths – The Healing Power of Ions

by Barbara Moroney

The ionic footbath is a total body detoxification technology based upon the beneficial and purifying effect of ions on the body. These footbaths have become popular over the past 14 years in the U.S. due in large part to Dr. Bob Moroney, founder of A Major Difference, Inc. (AMD), makers of the IonCleanse® detoxification foot bath system, and one of the first practitioners to experience and recognize their value. The first, most basic unit was introduced to the U.S. from Australia in 1999.

It takes energy to create ions and they occur naturally in the environment. In the close vicinity of high energy sources; such as the motion of water in a waterfall or the pounding of waves on the surf, water droplets break apart to produce an abundance of free negatively charged (OH-) ions. Ionic footbaths use an electrical source to create an abundance of ions by the electrolysis of water.

The key feature of ions is their charge, which makes them reactive with other atoms and molecules, creating chemical changes. The healthful effects of negative ions on the body have been observed and documented. Negative ions increase blood flow to the brain, improving alertness; they produce biochemical changes in the blood resulting in higher levels of serotonin – elevating mood, reducing stress and increasing energy; at the least they have an indirect positive effect on the immune system. Aside from any research, most people are aware of the elevated mood and a sense of well-being that occur near waterfalls, on the beach and other areas of high negative ion concentration, such as the air after a thunderstorm.

ionic footbath

Ionic footbath

Ions in a footbath session are created by passing a direct current into an array placed in a tub of water in which an individual has placed his or her feet (while any part of the body may be placed in the water, the feet are used most of the time). The electrical current travels through the metal of the array and breaks apart the water molecules at the positive and negative poles, producing ions in the water. The ions are absorbed through the skin and travel through the body, reacting with and neutralizing toxins, which also have a charge. The neutralized toxins are pulled through the skin via osmosis and diffusion. Ionic footbaths create a balance that helps the body to continue to detoxify through other elimination organs – the kidneys and the liver – for hours after a session.

Just like a house that has not been cleaned for a while, individuals who start an ionic footbath detoxification program are advised to begin with an initial “housecleaning” series, the recommended number of sessions is calculated from their age. Once that is complete, a maintenance program of one session a week is recommended.

At the most basic level, after an ionic footbath session individuals report the same sense of well-being and increased energy that are experienced near the high energy sources of ions in nature mentioned above. Commonly, people also notice improved sleep patterns. Many other anecdotal healthful observations have been reported over the years.

The ionic footbath fits in well as a complement to other modalities. Many practitioners – including chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopaths, and colon therapists – integrate the foot bath into their practices as part of a complete health program for their clientele; the footbath amplifies the healthful effects of their specialty.

In an ever-increasingly polluted environment, detoxification with modalities such as ionic footbaths is important for a healthful lifestyle.